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Portraits by Karen Martinez

Kathy Gsm.jpg

Kathy Gonzales


Kathy has worked with the entertainment industry for many years and enjoys all forms of creativity.

She served on the board of the Santa Clarita Artist Association for two years and held the position of Artistic Director for Santa Clarita International film festival for the last three years.

After working for HBO for over 20+ years, Kathy started her own company “Urban Artist Designs.” She is also the creator of Urban Artist a digital magazine featuring local artists and writers. 

Kathy lives in Stevenson Ranch with her long-time partner and her dog Barkley!


Sheri Carlson

Education Chair/ Treasurer

Sheri finds great joy in seeing the impact that art and creativity have on the lives of our community. 

She has a background in microbiology and food science, but has always been drawn to learning new ways to incorporate art into her life.

She loves to paint in watercolor in her free time.

ARTree family events are a favorite of hers, watching all ages experience the joys of creating together.

Kaminski sm.jpg

Kay Kaminski

Vice President/Marketing

Kay is a visual artist, with formal studies in photography and graphic design.

She studied secondary English Education at Michigan State University and has a teaching certificate. She started as a volunteer, then became an instructor with ARTree in 2013.

Creatively, she works in collage and printmaking, and hopes to inspire the students of ARTree in those mediums.


Brieanne Kelly


Growing up surrounded by a family of artists, Brieanne developed a passion for the arts that has shaped her life. Her appreciation for artistic expression and its transformative power has fueled her desire to share this passion with others, and to foster a lifelong love of the arts in her own daughter. As a dedicated veteran of the USAF, Brieanne's commitment to serving extends beyond the military to include her community. Her passion for the arts is not merely a personal interest; it is a driving force behind her desire to make a positive impact on the world.

Sally Hoffman sm.jpg

Sally Hoffman


Sally has always loved a fresh box of crayons. As a local elementary school teacher, she incorporated art into all subjects throughout the year. Since retiring, she tutors, reads voraciously, enjoys painting with watercolor and uses flowers and shrubs as a palette for her garden. A Santa Clarita resident since 1984, Sally looks forward to supporting the growth and goals of The ARTree.

Sarah sm.jpg

Sarah Mael


A native of suburban Detroit, Sarah the founder of Reading Wranglers, boasts an impressive career in education. Her rich background encompasses roles as a dedicated learning specialist, behavior therapist, reading interventionist and art educator exclusively focused on students with learning differences. Sarah has a Masters's Degree in Arts Education, from California State University. Sarah has lived in LA for the last 25+ years. She lives with her husband, an MFT, her brother, and three dogs in Granada Hills.

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